Even more on the Caspian

by Nathan Hamm on 8/21/2003

Even more on the Caspian and Why it’s not all about oil
I didn’t even know whe had an Energy Information Administration, but they have a fabulous backgrounder on the Caspian region and the legal issues involved in the disputes.
Great maps too. With a little glance, I’d hope that any reasonable
person would draw the same conclusion that the Center for Defense
Information did, there’s not enough oil to be of significant strategic interest to the US beyond diversifying non-OPEC sources. At most, the entire region
could reach Venezuela’s production it is thought.
I really hate hearing the extremely simplistic argument that
Afghanistan was all about oil–I’m smart enough that people need to
whip out something a little more convincing than that on me. Really, if
involvement in Central Asia was all about oil, I would think we’d have
a few more than 10,000 troops in Afghanistan.

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