IWPR Roundup Lots of good

by Nathan Hamm on 8/31/2003

IWPR Roundup
Lots of good stuff recently on IWPR. Some highlights:

Kyrgyz language losing out to Russian.

Tajikistan’s president takes starring role, on every channel.

Kazakhs to try to save part of Aral Sea.
Despite the lack of a regional agreement on water, Kazakhstan has
decided to improve technology related to its use of the Syr Daryo and
to build a dike to save the northern section of the sea, which lies
entirely in its territory.
Resettled Tajik villagers facing disease, thirst, and malnutrition in Uzbekistan.

Kyrgyz homeowners want compensation over airbase use.
Noise has caused structural damage, caused cows to give less milk,
chickens to lay fewer eggs, children to develop stutters, scared away
birds that eat pests, and Godzilla to awaken. Some commentators say the
villagers see a cash cow, and that is why they are pressing their
demands so hard.

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