Journalists are scum You know

by Nathan Hamm on 9/6/2003

Journalists are scum
You know how used car salesmen and lawyers are looked down on as sleazy
by most people? I love them. One has to be stupid to not expect a used
car salesman to try to slip one by you and get a lot of money, it comes
with the territory (just like it’s my job to give people to give money
for the feeling it gives them to donate). And, well, lawyers make a
democratic society work.
Journalists on the other hand… If there is a bigger group of
self-absorbed people doing things well beyond their qualifications, I
haven’t met them. The day I was being evacuated from Uzbekistan, I
happened to run into a British reporter, I can’t remember what paper he
was with, but I want to say the Guardian or the Mirror. I talked to him
a bit, refusing to give him my name or to give him “operational
details” (like the fact that we were
being evacuated even though that had leaked to CNN – the dude should
have been up on his game). He kept trying to push me to say I was
scared and wanted to leave and that I thought the country was about to
erupt into religious violence any minute now. In other words, he wanted
me to give him some drama to sell back home. I can only imagine how
much worse it got after I left. A bunch of naive people who know
nothing about the area riding their bikes around (nobody rides bikes in
Uzbekistan, you’d get killed) chasing ghosts. Anyway, the reporting on
Iraq bugs me, so here’s some good news
for a change.

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Nathan is the founder and Principal Analyst for Registan, which he launched in 2003. He was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uzbekistan 2000-2001 and received his MA in Central Asian Studies from the University of Washington in 2007. Since 2007, he has worked full-time as an analyst, consulting with private and government clients on Central Asian affairs, specializing in how socio-cultural and political factors shape risks and opportunities and how organizations can adjust their strategic and operational plans to account for these variables. More information on Registan's services can be found here, and Nathan can be contacted via Twitter or email.

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