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by Nathan Hamm on 9/10/2003

One of the things about September 11th that I found more affecting than
anything else is that because it was a tragedy that unfolded in so much
more than an instant, it was covered in a way that none of us could
hide from. What I mean by this is that it’s not a headline like
“Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 13;” it was something that stood right
in your face. When I heard what had happened, I was watching a CNN feed
with a Russian anchor speaking over it. For me, this was news that I
saw in pictures and didn’t so much hear in words. Seeing people jump
from the towers as it happened will forever be much more powerful to me
than any of the headlines I read. In that vein, I highly reccomend this article from Esquire about the search to find the identity of one of those jumpers (thanks to little green footballs for the link).

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