Take it from the Russians

by Nathan Hamm on 9/17/2003

It was only a matter of time these kinds of things started happening with Uzbeks in the US. Thankfully they don’t control our cotton industry:

During the Soviet era, the Communist Party leader in Uzbekistan, Sharaf Rashidov, ripped off the Soviet government to the tune of billions of rubles (then worth something), by systematically
inflating the size of the cotton crop. President Islam Karimov rehabilitated the disgraced Rashidov, turning him into a national hero and sending the, perhaps, unintentional signal that fraud is acceptable.

To put it in a joke…
An official asks an Uzbek collective farm boss about the year’s cotton harvest:
Official: “Comrade, how is this year’s harvest?”
Farmer: “The cotton piles up above the ankles of Allah!”
Official: “But comrade, there is no God in the Soviet Union!”
Farme: “That’s good, because there’s no cotton either!”

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