Joe says it right. This

by Nathan Hamm on 12/14/2003

Joe says it right. This is pretty much my reaction when I saw Hussein looking like an Arab Unabomber:

Captured without firing a single shot, too. What a pussy.
As usual, “death before surrender” applies only to his Saddam fedayeen
minions, not to him.

And, if Saddam is as much of a coward
as he seems to be, he might cough up extremely useful information. As
satisfying as his execution would be, the possibility of a plea bargain
should exist. If he is willing to publicly call on the resistance to
lay down their arms, admitting he’s never coming back and that the CPA
and Governing Council are calling the shots, and give us valuable
intelligence that pans out, we should graciously offer to hold him for
the rest of his days in a cell someplace nice and cold like Alaska. As
an aside… Because all the media tends to inject its politics into its
coverage, I have to salute Tom Brokaw for not respecting anyone’s
feelings and calling Hussein a “megalomaniacal tyrant.”
UPDATE: Brokaw has a ticket to ride with me for a while now. He just
made fun of Hussein’s romance novels as “one of the ways he expressed
his megalomania.” Priceless.
UPDATE: I think the local NBC affiliate is upset that they don’t get to
grace the screen with non-stop coverage of the small storm running
through Philadelphia. All morning, they’ve been running the exact same
winter storm warning across the bottom of the screen

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