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by Nathan Hamm on 12/29/2003 · 1 comment

I’ve been co-opted by at least a few people (here and here) linking to my post
about their fundraising habits. I want to make clear that a lot of why
I find this to be a troubling issue is that what MoveOn is doing probably is legal,
but it’s hard to know unless we could see how the (c)(4),,
is spending its money. It’s obvious that it’s trying to influence the
outcome of an election, but I’m sure that has a pretty
powerful shield to hide behind because:

1) It’s creating
advocacy groups and getting people involved in politics, serving the
public interest.
2) The content it distributes is “information” that people can use for
whatever ends they wish. Oddly enough, these are the ends sought by the
PAC and the 527.

I would have to err on the side of protecting MoveOn’s
right to operate this way because I’m sure that there are plenty of
groups on the right that do this, and loads of nonprofits and
foundations are up to their necks in shenanigans.

I did get a Bush/Cheney 2004 supporter’s link too. He’s not jumping to any conclusions, and I applaud that. For what it’s worth though, I do think Adam Yoshida
is right at the very least about the FEC and/or the IRS looking into
whether or not (c)(4) organizations should be allowed to be so tight
with 527s and PACs.
I’m at work and don’t have the email on hand, but someone did email to
let me know that the 527, the (c)(4), and the PAC’s webistes are all
registered to the same entity.

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