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by Nathan Hamm on 4/7/2004

I would treat this with lots of caution, but it’s interesting nonetheless. In my last post, I linked a story from EurasiaNet that kind of mentioned a new group called Islamic Jihad taking credit for the Uzbekistan bombings on Centrasia.ru.

For those who read Russian, here ’tis. For those who don’t, here’s what Office spit back at me:

Assalomu alaykum VA of rakhmatullokh!
Respected friend, reading your articles we they were convinced of the fact that you try to give objective evaluation to the proiskhodyashim events. We they sent its Rotation several to sites with the request to publish it. However, until now no one wanted to publish it. We request you to publish it on your site.
Until now question- who, is worth answering for these matters.
Us astonishes the fact that no one wants to publish this rotation.
Therefore we hoping for your understanding of situation we send this rotation to you from the permission of Allah with his evidence.

Bismillakh To vassalatu To vassalamu Ala Rasulillakh!
Group Muzhakhid Moslems “Islomiy Zhikhod “beret to itself the responsibility of attacks and explosions, directed against the government of Uzbekistan and its servants, whom to provodyat’ the policy of violence against the people of Uzbekistan considers that all these of deystiya are the proof of the fulfillment of the indications of Allah, written in the Koran and prizyvayushikh to zhikhadu in the attitude of the enemies of Islam.

Our purpose from these actions is giving to words Allah high value and to answer vengeance enemies of Islam, cruel people for the execution, for arrests and tortures of our brothers and sisters.
For the achievement our purposes we will fight to the last drop of the blood!
The arrests of Moslems again began on our information.
We is required in dictator Karimov’s government to immediately stop these arrests and nemedelenno to free Moslem- brothers and sisters from our prisons!
Otherwise our reciprocal attacks will be even more rigid, even stronger and more prolonged, how Allah to allow us to act, inshoollokh!
We request Allah that all these our actions in his name, request so that it would be accepted as the martyrs of all our brothers and sisters, who be killwas under these effects! Amine, To allokhu Akbar!

Group “Islomiy Jihod”

Letter from the group Of islomiy Of zhikhod

Assalomu alaykum!
By road friend! Our present state and actions are not very simple, we from the davnykh times are found in the search!
Our Rotation this is not provocation SNB or the colleagues of the vnutrennykh matters!
This Rotation by our the group, called Of islomiy Of zhikhod!
When you try to bring truth to the people will undoubtedly be some sudden attacks, you must be patient and inshallakh all this will be proven in the very near future!
Also be the documents, taken on video of cassette but they thus far far hence therefore thus far this for us to complicatedly transmit them to you but this simply to Allah!!!

Critical the group Islomiy Zhikhod in the matters of the propaganda Of sayfurrakhmon)!
Leader the group Mukhammad Fotekh Of bukhoriy!

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