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There are times that the beliefs people feel the need to shout from the street corner or shove down my throat in form of traffic-blocking protest or pamphlet waved in my face really piss me off. Usually it’s just that. Pissed off, but moving on.

However, these worthless fucks make me sick to the point of violence (here’s an example). They’re why I don’t, not for a single goddamned second, buy it when anti-war protesters say they’re waving Palestinian flags and fawning over Iraq’s “minutemen” because they care about the troops and just want them home. Reveling in deaths and mocking the dead is the farthest thing from support. (And just so we’re crystal clear, there are loads of you out there who are against the war and are perfectly reasonable, civil, and caring people–I’m not going to make the mistake of conflating you).

I could get into a froth about every damned thing I think is wrong with these folks, but I should probably study. (However, I should mention that a friend of mine very active in the Green Party in Philadelphia said that she’s noticed a very high percentage of the active membership suffer from mental illness, emotional imbalances, etc. Take that for whatever it’s worth. You see it on the far right too…). I’m starting to feel like Redsugar Muse about all this stuff. I just don’t want to talk about it. But, like I said the other day, I feel compelled to not let lies and slander go unchecked. I just try to remember Joe Katzman’s helpful advice.

Spoons and Iowahawk both have some constructive ideas regarding Tillman and the NFL.

Hat tip to Allah for a handful of these links.

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marc April 24, 2004 at 1:57 am

That is without doubt the worst thread of shit I have seen since the whole dKos nightmare! In fact it surpasses it by a quantum leap.

The is one thing to consider. Most if not all of those vile sub-humans are [Dim]ocrats (or think alikes) and are a prime reason why Sir John will lose come Nov.

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