Media coverage of Terrorist acts in Tashkent

by Anonymous on 8/10/2004

According to the author of this article:

“The government’s media strategy in the wake of the July 30 suicide bombings contrasted sharply from the official response to the late March violence. In late March, official Uzbek media initially avoided reporting on the violence. In late July, government-controlled news outlets took the lead in reporting the bombings. A journalist from the President’s press agency, UzA, said governmental journalists were instructed to cover the July 30 bombings immediately…”

The same article continues:

“Another notable difference in the coverage of the July bombings is the absence of aggressive reporting by Russian media outlets. Russian coverage of the July bombings has generally adhered to the official Uzbek line. Some political observers suggested the more restrained tone by Russian media could be tied to the fact that Russia and Uzbekistan have significantly strengthened bilateral relations in recent months”

And finally:

“Of late, the British Broadcasting Corp. has emerged as the Uzbek government’s chief media antagonist. A prominent Uzbek commentator Nodir Tolaganov, speaking August 5 on Uzbek state television, criticized the BBC for airing interviews with members of Hizb-ut-Tahrir. The previous day, an Uzbek television report alleged Britain was supporting international terrorism by allowing Hizb to maintain offices in the country. “This inhumane organization [Hizb-ut-Tahrir] … is sure to get Britain into trouble,” an Uzbek MP, Erkin Vohidov, said during the broadcast”

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