Reinventing US Foreign Aid At Millennium Challenge Corp.

by Anonymous on 8/10/2004

According to the World Bank’s Press release of 10th August, 2004:” It (Millennium Challenge Corporation) represents an audacious attempt by the Bush administration to rewrite the rules of foreign development assistance, focusing less on foreign policy considerations and more on whether countries create the conditions to use the money wisely. The federal agency will hand over huge sums of money to a select group of countries that are evaluated and ranked according to series of benchmarks graded by outside parties. Only 16 countries — out of a potential pool of 75 of the world’s poorest nations — qualified for the first round of funding, based on the quality of the government, public investment in people and economic freedoms. When the program is fully funded, each eligible country could receive as much as $300 million in additional aid per year beyond its current foreign assistance”.

Uzbekistan is not included neither in the list of 16 countries qualified for aid in the Financial Year 2004, nor in the list of 70 potential candidates for the FY05. Meanwhile, the latter list includes such countries like Turkmenistan, Angola, Bhutan, Cameroon, Chad, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea and many others, who according to the Freedom House don’t have a better record on political rights and civil liberties than Uzbekistan, and some cases are even worse than Uzbekistan.

The point I am making is not about aid. But it is more about the need for a long-term strategic American policy in Uzbekistan, which should be more coherent with the interests of both Uzbekistan and the United States. At the present, the beneficiaries of the current American policy towards Uzbekistan are neither the US, nor Uzbekistan and not even human rights groups…

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