No Tea For the Germans

by Nathan Hamm on 8/11/2004

If you haven’t yet, read Michael Totten’s TCS piece on his trip to Tunisia. It deserves a read just for the details, but this is an excellent point,

I felt more welcome traveling in Tunisia than anywhere else I’ve ever been in my life. Partly this is no more than the legendary Arab hospitality, which I’m happy to report is alive, well, and understated. Even so, I’m more convinced now than before that the Terror War is strictly ideological. It has little or nothing to do with any clash of civilizations. If Tunisians thought me their enemy they chose a peculiar way to express it.

Let me just chime in that I often found that same hospitality in Uzbekistan. I did find that the hospitality was a sham from some people, typically bureaucrats, who expected something in return. But, when it was genuine, Uzbek hospitality puts our legendary Southern hospitality to shame.

I left a comment on my experience with the Uzbek variation of “no tea for the Germans” over at Michael’s blog. I’m sure I’ve told the story here before and when I get a chance, I’ll try to dig it up or elaborate here later.

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