When in Chicago

by Laurence Jarvik on 8/18/2004

You can find a taste of Tashkent at Russian Tea Time Restaurant.

“Chef-Owner Klara Muchnik, originally from Uzbekistan, has successfully managed to infuse Central Asian flavors into the menu. Unforgettable are Tashkent Carrot Salad with coriander and garlic vinaigrette as Uzbek Lamb Chops in pomegranate sauce.”

The owner is a childhood friend of Shavkat Alimov, former MGU mathematics professor, Uzbek minister of Education, and Ambassador to China, who was vice-rector at UWED while I taught there (by the time I left, he was back teaching math at Tashkent State).

There are two menus. One is very expensive, the other, if you ask in Russian, has some less expensive dishes. I ate there in Chicago before going to Uzbekistan, and had a wonderful time. But it is expensive…

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