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According to Tribune-Uz, Anti-Tobacco coalition was founded in Tashkent on August 18. The coalition aims to increase the awareness of the population about the harm of smoking and lobby the government to restrict advertisement and commercialisation of cigarettes. The coalition founders are concerned that smoking is spreading rapidly in Uzbekistan. What is more alarming is that smoking is increasing among teenagers and young people. Although young men always represented a considerable part of smokers, currently there are strong tendencies of smoking among young women.

The only tobacco producer in Uzbekistan is British-American Tobacco, which was severely criticised by some international organisations for its management style in its tobacco plantations in Samarkand.

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Nathan August 19, 2004 at 12:23 pm

Damn, I can’t stand the BHHRG. Every problem they detailed seemed more connected to problems with the Uzbek economy in general rather than BAT’s fault. I especially like the conclusion where they guess why so many want the USSR back. Hmmm… it might have more to do with economic and social stability than indifference towards democracy. I always found Uzbeks to be smart enough to know that the country badly needs economic reform.

I also found myself wondering why BHHRG went after BAT rather than criticizing the Uzbek government for its methods of cotton harvesting. But then again, I know the answer to that question…

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