by Nathan Hamm on 8/20/2004

Either laziness or impossibility has led to a situation that I feel I should warn you about.

Long story short, things may suddenly disappear temporarily as I move the site over to a new place (I can make big decisions rather quickly sometimes, usually solely on the basis that it’ll be difficult and the difficulty might be fun). Bear with me.

In the meantime, if you use the registan address to get here, you may soon see something else. It should point you back here. If you use nathanhamm.blogs.com, you should be set until I’m fully migrated over.

Like I said, laziness compels me to take the easiest path and point registan.net in another direction because WordPress is giving me guff if I don’t.

If you read this site through RSS, I imagine that won’t work correctly. I’ll try to arrange for little to be happening in Central Asia and the Caucasus in the meantime.

Oh yeah, my registan(dot)net email address probably won’t work correctly either. Ummm… I guess you can send stuff to argus * at* redwhitearmy (dot) com

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Nathan is the founder and Principal Analyst for Registan, which he launched in 2003. He was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uzbekistan 2000-2001 and received his MA in Central Asian Studies from the University of Washington in 2007. Since 2007, he has worked full-time as an analyst, consulting with private and government clients on Central Asian affairs, specializing in how socio-cultural and political factors shape risks and opportunities and how organizations can adjust their strategic and operational plans to account for these variables. More information on Registan's services can be found here, and Nathan can be contacted via Twitter or email.

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