American Prospect: ‘Dump Karimov?’

by Laurence on 8/27/2004 · 1 comment

According to Matt Yglesias in TAPPED, the liberal website loosely affiliated with the Democrats agrees with the conservative National Review that this is the moment to dump an ally in the war on terror…or maybe not?

My take is that we ought to wash our hands of Islam Karimov’s government. If it falls to radical Islamists, they’d likely be no worse from an internal point of view. If they decide they want to wage war against the United States once in power then that would be a good time to start fighting them. Meanwhile, if the Karimov regime collapsed due to lack of U.S. support, that might serve as an object lesson to some of America’s other questionable friends around the world that we mean business about this democracy stuff and that there’s a price to be paid for failing to reform. I can see the logic on the other side, though, that we should forget about human rights and just fight Islamists wherever they may be with whatever allies we can find. Pretending that there’s a third way when there isn’t, however, just prevents Americans from getting a clear look at the choices and makes us look like hypocrites to anyone who pays attention to the situation.

No wonder Uzbekistan appears to be growing more friendly towards Russia…

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