Uzbekistan Blasts Europe for Coddling Terrorists

by Laurence on 9/7/2004 · 2 comments

According to the AP, Uzbekistan, following Vladimir Putin’s lead after the Beslan massacre, blasted European countries for supporting terrorists, as bombing trials resume in Tashkent.

Uzbekistan, hit recently by terrorist attacks, rebuked a group of European nations on Tuesday for allegedly allowing extremists to openly operate on their soil, the Foreign Ministry said. Meanwhile, more than 40 suspects went on trial Tuesday in the capital, Tashkent, and the central city of Bukhara in connection with deadly attacks earlier this year that authorities blamed on Islamic extremists, court officials said.

Uzbekistan is concerned that extremist groups are being allowed to openly operate in some Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe member countries, Foreign Minister Sadyk Safayev told visiting OSCE Secretary General Jan Kubis, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

“It was pointed out that there are some differences between (Uzbekistan) and the international community in viewing and handling the problem of terrorism and religious extremism,” the statement said.

In this quote, Safayev appears to be speaking with traditional British understatement, since one of the extremist groups that worries Uzbekistan is based in London. We’ll have to wait and see whether Uzbekistan kicks out the British, next…

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Darren September 7, 2004 at 10:59 pm

The EU? Seems stupid to me since this was the target of the terrorist. ‘A War Across the Caucusus.’ The leader seems like an idiot not telling ‘the troops’ what the deal is, but I guess they are that stupid.

I’m getting the last paragraph means new tactics or something. Better counter-terror?

Alisher September 8, 2004 at 10:43 am

It is becoming clear that the organsiations like Hizbut-tahrir are serving as political and ideological wings of more openly extremistic terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, even if we allow that HT doesnt carry out terroristic attacks itself. However, I am wondering if the funds collected in the West by such “moderate” groups are not being used to finance terrorist acts..I dont know if there have been any investigations into the ways HT spends its funds, but my guess would be that at least some of them might be going to finance Al Qaeda type groups. From this point of view, the concerns of the Uzbek Foreign Minister seem to be fully justified. In this regard, I think it is imperative for the British authorities, at least, to check and monitor the HT’s income and spending sources.

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