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by Nathan Hamm on 9/19/2004 · 2 comments

Here’s an unbelievably cool collection of pictures (to me, anyway) of Navoi.

I managed to find a picture of one of my favorite people in Uzbekistan, Roza Mikhailovna. She’s the second one down on the left. Great teacher and a wonderfully helpful woman.

This one is absolutely delightful. It made a weird noise in the middle of the night sometimes. We heard rumors that it released stuff during the noise. I’m happy to report that I stopped losing hair when I came back to the US.

I lived in one of the buildings on the right towards the end of the road.

It’s kind of funny I found this. I just met a woman from Samarkand (who is now working for one of the agencies resettling Meskhetian Turks here) yesterday who is about my age who also happens to be friends with a former Peace Corps employee and another RPCV. One of the cool things about young Uzbeks not from Tashkent who come to the US is that they all seem to have some kind of Peace Corps connection. I was singing the praises of Navoi to her, and she’s never been there. I’ll have to send her the pictures.

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Asror September 19, 2004 at 10:59 pm

Good job, Nathan. Thanx for remembering Navoi. It’s cool city, right? I miss it.
Yes, I know Roza Mikhaylovna. She used to work at Navoi English Community Club. What about Abduramanova Eleonora Uzerovna? Do you know her too? She taught us after you left the lyceum. She is also a wonderful teacher.
I guess this website( is created in Russia by Navointsi who currenlty live in Russia.
OK, anyway, don’t forget Navoi, man.

Asror September 19, 2004 at 11:05 pm

Hey Nathan, here is a Eleonora Uzerovna, just up to Roza Mikhaylovna. She worked at the 1st school before coming to the lyceum. And she left lyceum after we graduated. I think she is working at school #1 again.

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