Seismological Risk in Central Asia

by Anonymous on 10/7/2004

According to a session of CASRI ( Central Asian Seismological Risk Initiative) has opened in Tashkent. The Session is organized by a Ukrainian NGO (Ukrainian Scientific and Technological Center, which is sponsored by some other countries, among them USA), which provides assistance for scientific research and helps scientists previously engaged in military research to pass into ‘’peaceful research’’.

About 40 scientists from the CIS countries, Europe, USA and Canada will discuss the measures to reduce the seismological risk in Central Asia.

Among the main problems, the article mentions the danger of constructing buildings which are not resistant to earthquakes, and overall unpreperadness of the population for emergency situations.

CASRI monitors the tectonic changes, identifies seismological threats and elaborates measures to reduce the seismological risks.

According to Ali Ahunov, the Head of the Uzbek Center for Science and Technology, the major seismological risk is concentrated in mountains and water dams located in mountainous areas. In case of a strong earthquake, the dams might be destroyed flooding the surrounding areas.

Among 32 projects realized in Uzbekistan, CASRI finances 2. Russia and China also participate in several other projects in this field. There are also projects that will be carried out within the frameworks of Shangai Cooperation Organization.

According to the Head of CASRI Andrew A. Hood (?: Андрю А.Худ), the CASRI also helps Uzbek scientists to cooperate and carry out research with their western colleagues, and keeps them away from terrorist organizations willing to attract modern technologies and scientific expertise in order to create weapons of mass destruction.

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