Uzbek Delegates Visit Small-Town America

by Laurence on 10/8/2004 · 1 comment

According to this press release from the Open World Program, fifty Uzbeks are coming to the USA for ten-day shopping trips, thanks to Uncle Sam.

They may be surprised to find that their destinations are not Las Vegas, Disneyworld, Hollywood, New York, Chicago, or Dallas. Instead, they are travelling to “the real America.” Destinations include Bemidji, MN, Cape Cod, MA, Chattanooga, TN,
DeLand, FL, Kansas City, MO, Little Rock, AR, Montclair, NJ, and Tampa, FL. Some of these spots sound like places big-city Americans wouldn’t want to spend ten days, except to get away from it all. I hope the US government permits the Little Rock visitors to travel to Graceland to see Elvis’ home; the Chattanooga tourists to spend time in Nashville; the Florida-bound to travel via Orlando’s Disneyworld; New Jersey and Cape Cod travellers (isn’t it a little cold in Cape Cod right now?) to get to New York City and Boston; and the Kansas City crew to visit the absolutely fabulous art museum and art institute, as well as Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings — so our new Uzbek friends don’t get the impression that Americans are uncivilized or uncultured…

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upyernoz October 8, 2004 at 6:47 pm

well, montclair, nj is a wealthy nyc suburb. i expect they may just be hosted there and go into new york with the commuters.

but bemidji??? i’ve been there too. talk about feeling pretty desolate. at least they will get to see the giant paul bunyon statue (which the residents proudly showed off to me when i flew there for a hearing–bemidji has a fierce rivalry with brainerd, mn (the town featured in “fargo”)–both claim to be the home town of paul bunyon and both have a statue in town and claim theirs is bigger than the other one)

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