Foreign Office Leaks Dirt on Murray to the Guardian

by Laurence on 10/11/2004

And seems to want to paint him as a corrupt drunken womanizer with financial problems, according to this report in theGuardian Unlimited, which dishes the dirt only to add that all the charges were dropped…

The Guardian has been told that the Foreign Office vetting officer responsible for reviewing Mr Murray’s clearance had spoken with him within the last week. The officer is believed to have told Mr Murray that divorce, his subsequent financial problems, and his relationship with an Uzbek woman were not “issues of serious concern” and there was no reason why his security clearance should not remain intact. Yet Mr Murray has since been barred from returning to Tashkent.

Mr Murray faced 18 disciplinary charges in July 2003 – ranging from his being drunk at work to having sex with women in his office for visas – all of which were dropped. His wife left him in February when his relationship with a 23-year-old Uzbek woman was reported in the Mail on Sunday.

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