Pakistani Kidnappers Want to Trade Chinese Hostages for Uzbek Terrorists

by Laurence on 10/12/2004 · 1 comment

This gives some context to the Craig Murray scandal . Hafiz Wazir reported the story for Reuters.

CHAGMALAI, Pakistan (Reuters) – Al Qaeda-linked militants holding two Chinese engineers hostage in Pakistan threatened to kill one on Monday unless security forces ended a siege of their hideout, a tactic a minister said had echoes of Iraq…The kidnappers were also demanding an end to military operations in the semi-autonomous tribal region and the freeing of two Uzbek al Qaeda militants, officials said……Hundreds have died in the tribal area since March in battles between security forces and al Qaeda-linked militants, including Chechens, Uzbeks and Arabs, protected by local tribesmen. Interior Minister Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao said the kidnappers had threatened to blow themselves up along with the hostages unless their demands were met. “They have mines strapped to their bodies. They also have grenades,” he told reporters.

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upyernoz October 12, 2004 at 10:09 am

i don’t see the connection. how exactly does this provide the context for the murray matter? torture is ineffective. if murray is right (and not just opportunistically playing the torture card to deflect from his personal problems), his allegations are serious, regardless of what happens in pakistan.

ends justify the means arguments are skakey to begin with, but they’re even more suspect when the means doesn’t even get you to the end

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