Foreign Office Silent on Murray

by Laurence on 10/16/2004

The Guardian is doing a good job covering different anglesof the Murray scandal:

The Foreign Office yesterday opted to keep a diplomatic silence over the case of Craig Murray Britain’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan.

“Since he has mentioned the possibility of legal action we think it is fairer both to him, and to other people, not to say anything at the moment,” a spokesman said.

But outside the Foreign Office a wider debate was being held in diplomatic circles yesterday regarding the boundaries over which ambassadors should and should not be allowed to tread.

“I am of the traditional type that says, hard though it may be, this guy should have kept all this stuff internal,” said Sir Harold Walker, Britain’s former ambassador to Iraq.

“The traditional position is that you argue, but when ministers make a decision you shut up and carry it out. Reading between the lines I feel he may be arguing after the policy has been decided.

He added: “My instincts are not really in favour of the poor guy.”

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