Space Race Angle to Russian-Tajik Deal

by Laurence on 10/18/2004

According to Ferghana.Ru, space politics as well as geopolitics are at work in the latest Russian moves:

The bilateral accord on the Russian military presence in Tajikistan makes Russia owner of the Okno (Window) space monitoring center, a vital element of the Russian Space Force. It is also an object of the Russian military base now, according Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

Construction of the unique and expensive complex near Nurek began in 1979. Okno was turned on in July 2002. Its powerful electronic gear reveals to operators all space objects on the altitudes ranging between 200 and 40,000 kilometers.

The center is situated in such a manner as to be instantly alerted to the presence of every space object on the altitude of over 2,000 kilometers.

Where climatic conditions are concerned, the Nurek area is better than any of the four analogous complexes operating on the territory of the United States are situated in. Okno is an important element of the missile attack early warning system and missile defense of the Russian Space Force. The complex performs military functions and works for space exploration programs.

If the Kant AF base in Kyrgyzstan and the 201st Division in Tajikistan are links of a single chain of dealing with terrorist threats in the region, Okno will promote interests of global security and help with peaceful space exploration.

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