They Might Be Giants: Uzbek Businesswomen in Cape Cod

by Laurence on 10/19/2004

From The Barnstable Patriot:

Viktoriya Kim, Chief Specialist at the Department of International Economic Organizations for Uzbekistan’s Agency for Foreign Economic Relations, said the visit is adding an in-practice dimension to what previously had been ‘theoretical knowledge.’

‘Doreen for us becomes an example of a perfect business woman, business leader, who started a very small business that is now a giant’ in the Northeast, Kim said. ‘We see the process of how a small business can grow… to a giant.’

On Tuesday, the foursome had visited with Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey and state Sen. Therese Murray, getting a look at the public sector in action.

In Healey, Kim said,’We could see with our own eyes a perfect leader in the public sector.’

Then, as a speaker using a foreign tongue, she clarified that the four were ‘very impressed with the United States of America,’ but, ‘Of course we understand the United States is not an ideal country. We could see with our own eyes democracy in action, the legal system in action, free entrepreneurship in action.’

After their meeting with Murray in Plymouth, the women went to check out a nearby Wal-Mart. Bilezikian suggested they try to visit a Target store before returning to Uzbekistan.

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