Sogdiana Road Race Ends

by Laurence on 11/2/2004

From Ferghana.Ru

Sogdiana Rally is one of the most popular races in Central Asia. Twenty-four crews, three of them representing Kazakhstan, participated in the 17th race this year. The race lasted two days, and weather on the second day was much more formidable. Pilots and technicians found themselves and their cars soaking in rain. All the same, most cars made it to the finish line. Sergei Gorbunov and Nikolai Antonenko finished first in the R-11 class (2,000 cubic centimeters), Daulet Orazaliyev and Oleg Veremeev in the R-10 class (1,600 cubic centimeters), Ilya Ledovskikh and Vadim Bykov in the R-9 class (1,200 cubic centimeters). All winners represented Rally - Turns, a Tashkent club.

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