And I Thought I Dislike Steele…

by Nathan Hamm on 1/3/2005 · 2 comments

Discoshaman points to a damning article about Jonathan Steele and BHHRG. My reaction to Steele’s latest on Ukraine can be found here, but included nothing so critical as this (cover your eyes, kids):

Taking money or favors to write articles is pretty much the bukkake shot of journalism. It is the most debasing thing a journo can do. And Steele, the Guardian’s senior foreign correspondent, wasn’t content just having several splashes drip down his face; he did it for cheap.

The article, by Jake Rudnitsky of, details how Steele is beholden to, one Gleb Pavlovsky. Gleb has only shown up on these pages once before, where he is briefly mentioned as having indirectly blamed the Beslan massacre on Georgia. Other highlights of his past can be found here.

I’m tempted to touch on more of Rudnitsky’s comments on Steele, but just read the whole damned thing.

Where Steele is the left wing of Putin’s fifth-columnists, folks like BHHRG, Pat Buchanan, and are the right wing. Rudnitsky has their number too. (Past encounters include this one on Georgia and this one on Ukraine–the latter even includes a comment from a supporter of BHHRG.)


Go back and check out Post-Modern Clog for a comment from Justin Raimondo of And when you’re done there, go check out this great post about him. I can think of no reason why these guys are so supportive of anything and everything in Putin’s policy portfolio beyond that opposing the West is crucial to them independent of the substance of whatever non-Western policy they happen to be trumpeting.

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Tom G. Palmer January 4, 2005 at 8:29 pm

I’m glad to see that others are doing some more searching about the BHHRG. I blogged on the connection between that pro-tyranny group and the hateful little cults at and in the U.S. at . One question that deserves more attention is: where does BHHRG get its funding? They have a “contribute” button on their web site, but it doesn’t seem to work. I wonder if money is coming from, say, some major donor located in Minsk.

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