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by Nathan Hamm on 1/20/2005 · 4 comments

[We’re in the process of moving offices, and, being one of the two linear thinkers on staff, I am tasked with shepherding the herd of cats that is my office to the new location (thankfully within the same building).

So, rather than let all of the following interesting stories fall by the wayside, I offer them up without excerpt and very little, if any, comment.]

EurasiaNet’s Igor Torbakov comments on Russia’s coming foreign policy debate.

While most of the focus is on Kyrgyzstan, let us not slacken in our Tajik democracy watch. Meanwhile, here’s the year in review.

Speaking of Kyrgyzstan… Contrary to what some might lead you to think, I agree that things don’t look so hot for the opposition crowd. I’m pleasantly surprised to see they are speaking out as it means the patient still has a pulse.

Nazarbayev and Putin–a match made in heaven? Really, read Nazarbayev’s quote about Kazakhstan and Russia being driven to each other by God.

As for Nazarbayev, his government is taking the Uzbek path regarding access to opposition websites.

So you say you want a revolution?

Karimov wants the Uzbek military to be capable of making pre-emptive strikes against terrorists beyond its borders. Uzbekistan has bombed targets in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the past.

Azerbaijan’s new opposition coalition–pro-Russia? That’s generally odd for opposition groups in the CIS, though it kind of makes sense in Azerbaijan.

An interview with Muhammad Salih.

Ahhh… To be a child of the collapse

The Crimean Tatars struggle for independence (via Publius Pundit)

Is NYT‘s C.J. Chivers an accomplished author of political soap operas? All the background is here.

Zed? Helluva guy.

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jb January 20, 2005 at 8:44 pm

i suppose optimism is relative. i suppose i’d more or less agree.

Nathan Hamm January 20, 2005 at 9:58 pm

I am, I must mention, absolutley superb at making myself misunderstood.

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