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by Nathan Hamm on 1/25/2005 · 2 comments

If you are writing a script set in Uzbekistan, remember that “there are no tarts in Uzbek society.” If you put them in, you won’t be filming in Uzbekistan.

Russian Channel One began broadcasting The Twins, a series by Zinovy Roizman, last week. The series is particularly interesting to Uzbekistan because its plot does include Samarkand and Uzbekistan as such. This correspondent watched the plot of the series unfold with interest until last Friday when it was announced that the series was banned in Uzbekistan now.

As it turned out eventually, the series was outlawed because of a certain turn of events in the plot: an Uzbek woman is indisputably a jalyap [it stands for a tart in the Uzbek language] and the wife of a municipal top cop into bargain, her husband a.k.a. her murderer builds a posh mansion in city center, their daughter becomes involved with the local underworld and her father’s mistress… The audience was explained that this plot collides with the “ethnic spirit” of the Uzbeks because there are no tarts in Uzbek society and because top cops lack the money to build palaces.

This is actually a pretty serious affair for those involved.

Movie makers are convinced that Uzbekistan will never see The Twins again, that those who permitted the scandal (probably scapegoats i.e. minor functionaries, again) will be prosecuted, and that Uzbek actors involved in the series will be harassed now. Karim Mirkhadiyev, one of the stars of the series, will certainly find himself in trouble.

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Tim Newman January 26, 2005 at 2:12 am

Hmmm. I’ve never met any loose women from Uzbekistan. Oh no. Never. Not one.

student February 10, 2005 at 8:00 pm

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