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by Nathan Hamm on 2/28/2005 · 2 comments

A small round-up of what’s going on with Peace Corps bloggers in Central Asia…

Dan Adkisson had a rough day in Azerbaijan. Though I never had anything exactly like that happen, I do know where he’s coming from…

There’s some kind of cosmic law that keeps the large numbers of Peace Corps volunteers in Uzbekistan from blogging. But, this trainee plans to teach his captive audience to sing our national anthem. Excellent…

And also from Uzbekistan, the incomparable Dee has a wonderful story about a power outage. She also notes that not only is spring making itself felt, but there are also signs of a thaw in the Peace Corps itself.

Ryan Giordano in Kazakhstan reminds us that Russian humor does not translate well into Enlish (I’m sure our humor doesn’t translate well either). It’s hard to imagine that a joke involving a chicken pecking at a drunk man’s penis in a ditch could be unfunny, but it’s apparently possible to screw up what should be comedy gold.

Brian in Kyrgyzstan has killed a turkey, filling in for a volunteer who couldn’t complete the task. He also says a little bit about the election.

Ailey in Kyrgyzstan has discovered the joys of lying. If my experience is any indication, she will excel as a volunteer.

Larry has photos discovered in his apartment. Very cool stuff.

And, though not Peace Corps, I should mention that Sue is in Tajikistan.

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upyernoz February 28, 2005 at 3:15 pm

There’s some kind of cosmic law that keeps the large numbers of Peace Corps volunteers in Uzbekistan from blogging.

it may be the result of crappy internet connections in Uz more than anything else. when i tried blogging from there, it was often very frustrating. i got in the habit of writing the entire post on a word processor as the blogger page was loading and then pasting it in later.

that was a year and a half ago, maybe it’s better now (and i guess that doesn’t explain how people manage to blog in other parts of the world. uzbekistan hardly has a monopoly of slow internet connections)

Jason Pearce March 3, 2005 at 7:49 pm

Last week I built and launched a new blogging site for Peace Corps volunteers called Third Goal. Peace Corps volunteers are invited to create a free account.

Jason Pearce of Third Goal

Third Goal Is Born

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