Craig Murray hits the stage

by Andy on 3/3/2005 · 8 comments

While we’re back on the subject of the British ambassador to Uzbekistan…

“Talking to Terrorists” a play about Craig Murray, Britain’s last man in Tashkent, premieres in London Bury St Edmunds, which I’m embarrassed to say is actually nowhere near London, on 21st April

Talking to Terrorists is a play commissioned by the Royal Court and Out of Joint. The writer, director and actors interviewed people from around the world who have been affected by or involved in terrorism. They wanted to know what makes ordinary people do extreme things.

Peacemakers, journalists and hostages. Significant figures from recent history. And those who have crossed the line.

Their stories take us from Africa, Israel, Turkey and Ireland to the heart of the British Establishment…

Your man in London will, of course, be there to review it on your behalf.

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Peter March 4, 2005 at 2:09 am

Well, I wouldn’t say Bury St.EdmUnds is nowhere near London. Just over an hour by train. If you’re arriving in Britain through Stanstead airport, it’s very convenient indeed.

Laurence March 4, 2005 at 4:26 am

Hi Nathan,
Have fun in London!

Andy March 4, 2005 at 6:15 am

Sadly for Nathan, he’s in Oregon, or Montana, or some other cold snowy place. Andy, however, is living the high life in London, and Bury St Edmonds, at over outside of London seems like a distant land to me.

It’s so much fun confusing people by just posting once in a blue moon!

Peter March 4, 2005 at 7:54 am

Please people, it is Bury St. Edmunds not Bury St. Edmonds. It’s not difficult to get to, though you might need somewhere to sleep the night because British transport is nowhere near as reliable as Russian, Uzbek, Azeri, or whatever transport you can happen to think of,
And, incidentally, it is snowing in London at the moment, so it’s not that different from Montana after all.

Ben March 4, 2005 at 8:16 am

Indeed, looking outside my window makes me want to stay in the whole day. Though I have to correct Peter, there is no snow. Well, but apparently it did snow this morning?

Hulegu March 4, 2005 at 9:16 am

Well, when I arose from my slumber at 11am there was snow all over the place – but, then again, I live in Highgate, which tends to exacerbate extremes of weather in London by x10.

Andy March 4, 2005 at 1:23 pm

Yep, I definitely saw some snow in Tulse Hill this morning as I sat, steaming mug of coffee in hand, vacantly gazing out the window. Some of it was floating lazily from the skies, and the rest was turning my garden into a white and green patchwork.

Bury St. Edmunds it is. I”ve corrected the spelling in the post.

Nathan March 5, 2005 at 2:46 pm

Oregon, Andy. Portland to be exact. And it is absolutely beautiful here–very uncharacteristic for early March. Sunny and in the 60s. It’s pretty much convinced me that living in Wisconsin over the Pacific NW would be a spectacularly silly thing to do.

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