Craig Murray Strikes Again

by Laurence on 3/6/2005 · 5 comments

Tonight’s 60 Minutes featured the former British ambassador in fine form.

Curiously, CBS News failed to note that the most recent US State Department human rights report recorded 6 deaths in custody in Uzbekistan, compared to 40 in Great Britain, represented by Murray, during 2004. Here’s the transcript from the show:

There’s another destination that 60 Minutes noticed frequently in the plane’s flight logs: Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, a predominately Muslim country, with a reputation for torture.

Craig Murray is the former British ambassador there. He told 60 Minutes that Uzbek citizens, captured in Afghanistan, were flown back to Taskent on the American plane.

“I know of two instances for certain of prisoners who were brought back in a small jet, and I believe it was happening on a reasonably regular basis,” says Murray.

Murray says the jet was operated by Premiere Executive Airlines. He says in Uzbekistan, many prisoners are subject to torture techniques straight out of the Middle Ages: “Techniques of drowning and suffocation, rape was used quite commonly, and also immersion of limbs in boiling liquid.”

Murray complained to his superiors that British intelligence was using information gleaned by torture. He was recalled by London four months ago and quit the foreign service.

That the rather impeachable Murray was treated as an unimpeachable source by CBS News is not too surprising, given the networks’ use of fraudulent documents in the recent Dan Rather scandal.

But what is the source CBS’s interest in Uzbekistan? The broadcast claimed 40 flights to Jordan, yet mentioned only 2 flights to Uzbekistan–hardly ” frequently,” by any standard. So, why was Murray part of this story about the Clinton-era CIA program at all? How did he come to figure in this tale?

In any case, in giving free rein to Murray, tonight’s 60 Minutes segment once again throws into question the basic credibility of CBS News.

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RW March 10, 2005 at 6:39 am

Exactly how is Murray impeachable? The man put his job on the line for the sake of the truth – I’d like to see someone in the Bush administration taking such a principled stand…

RW March 11, 2005 at 11:17 am

ps – two sites that may be of interest:

Report Praises Suspended Diplomat

Nathan March 11, 2005 at 11:34 am

RW, he’s entirely, extremely easily impeachable. His story has subtly changed over time, more and more emphasizing his victimhood. In fact, let’s get down to the victimhood. He did some fairly sleazy things. He’s accused of even sleazier things that, to someone who has lived in Uzbekistan and knows the expat community, knows are well-within the realm of possibility.

The timing of events to me looks like a pretty damned transparent attempt to avoid discipline and win the sympathy of a fawning and unquestioning British press and Left only too willing to buy anything with an anti-Bush & Blair line. I don’t buy this “I had to tell my story because I’m dying and it was the right thing to do” load of crap for one minute. He’s made pretty clear that he’s more interested in being an trouble maker and attention whore than anything else right now.

I especially love the trumped-up heroism on his campaign site. A lone voice in the maelstrom…

Just because no one in the UK was paying attention to Uzbekistan’s problems until they had a poster-boy to attack Bush and Blair doesn’t mean that everyone was quiet. Because, of course, this isn’t about Uzbekistan at all. If it was, Murray might give a little more detail (like, who is the CIA officer who said that evidence was coming from torture? What kind of info? How much? Who was questioned?) or say why he was more effective as the UK ambassador by engaging in rhetorical onanism.

P.S. — You’re borderline spamming with the links to the campaign website. Keep it in your name section or we’ll have to start billing.

UZB people April 21, 2005 at 11:39 pm

Respect to Craig Murray. For bringing out a theme which has been supressed and ignored for many years. People are just scared to believe in that such brutal and unhumane people do exist. Scared to face the reality. There are not enough words to express the graditute and thankfullness to C.Murray. His bravery and concern about uzbek people brought faith to hundreds and touched deeply their hearts. It is always good to see that fair, true and real and kind people still do exist!
Hope no one, no country will experience such discrimination towards humanity, elimination not only of your rights but of your lives, painfully brutal attitude and different shocking attitude towards themselves like uzbek people are receiving from their governmenr! My question would be, Just because a president has been given the right, and power over the country does it mean he has the right over its peoples and their lives? Or over the country as if its his belonging?

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