Is Akayev Right?

by Nathan Hamm on 3/8/2005

Maybe the Kyrgyz government is right to look to outside influences behind the calls for clean elections. Perhaps they just haven’t looked far enough.

UFOs over ZUM
There are newcomers. No one should be surprised at eyewitnesses’ testimonies about seeing UFOs. Our reporter took a picture.
It happened the day before yesterday at approximately 9:00p.m. Residents of building #108 on Ibraimov Street noticed two shiny objects in the sky. A 10-year old boy said to his mother, “Look over there, the stars are moving”.
At first, the pseudo stars moved in tandem, then one of them moved smoothly westwards and the second larger and brighter object went vertical.
It is hard to say exactly at what height they were flying, how big they were and how far away they were because there was nothing to judge by, but it seems they were a long way off.
The VB reporter could see them more clearly through his 32 x zoom lens and they appeared to be bright whitish-bluish spheres. It is interesting that they moved erratically and zigzagged and appeared to vibrate.
At approximately, midnight both objects disappeared without trace.
What were they? Who knows? They were not satellites, rockets, weather balloons or airships because of the trajectory and of course, aeroplanes cannot fly like this.

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