Latest Polling Data From Uzbekistan

by Laurence on 3/10/2005

Actually show popular support for Karimov’s policies, although analyst Timur Dadbaev does his best to interpret the data differently in his text. Here are the results of the latest AsiaBarometer study from the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute:

The present poll demonstrated that a majority of those asked remain somewhat confident with the central government (57.7%). Confidence in local government stays above 47.8% but well below the rate of support for the central government. This fragile but obvious confidence is largely attributed to the (completely or partially) satisfactory performance of the state with respect to public security concerns, which among other include the pacification of inter-ethnic conflicts (‘completely’; according to 18.3% and ‘partially’; according to 51.1%) and conflicts based on religion conflicts (21.6% and 53.8%).

However, the public still remains concerned about related threats such as terrorism (58.4%), conflict (49.5%), human rights (46.4%), crime (44.3%) and corruption (32.3%). In addition, widely shared public criticism focuses on the central government’s failures in economic policies (46.5% partly distrust and 32.8% completely distrust the government), in measures to reduce unemployment (28.6% and 66.2%, respectively), in public services improvement programs (44.1% and 32.7%), in human rights policies (39.2% and 38%) and in measures to eradicate corruption among governmental officials (37.7% and 36.5%).

Therefore, the public trust in the state’s capacity to solve these problems is weakening in the light of ever increasing economic problems and the inability of state institutions to appropriately deal with these problems. Disapproval rates (indicated by responses ‘do not fully trust’ and ‘do not trust at all’ are the highest for such state institutions as local government (31.8% and 20.3%), parliament (31.7% and 26.6%), police (31.1% and 31.9%), public healthcare system (31.9% and 23.5%), labor unions (28.2% and 40.2%) and mass media (29.3% and 32.8%).

Bottom line: People are unhappy about the economy and level of public services, yet support the Karimov government’s anti-terrorism and defense policies.

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