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by Laurence on 3/15/2005 · 2 comments

Here’s the story from The Tehran Times:

TEHRAN — Production will soon begin in Uzbekistan on the Iranian TV series, “City of Chaos.” The twenty-episode series was written by Fereydun Daneshmand and will be directed by Yadollah Samadi.The series is a biography of the 15th century Iranian mathematician Ghyath al-Din Jamshid Kashani. Kashani was born in Kashan sometime around 1380 and died in Samarkand in 1429.

BTW, when I lived in Tashkent, young people were watching an American TV series on Russian cable television–“Sex in the City.”

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Student March 16, 2005 at 3:42 am

Yes, Laurence, you are right, most youths watch that tv serial in Tashkent. And Nathan used to watch “The Simpsons” in Russian too.
Here is another news. Sorry for offtopic. News from Ferghana.Ru:
“The Uzbek Central Bank annulled the license of Business Bank, the largest private bank in the country. The authorities closed the bank on charges of numerous violations of the acting legislation. All operations with deposits are suspended at this point.

Laurence March 16, 2005 at 8:13 am

Well, Putin is setting the example for this sort of thing with his handling of the Yukos case. What can I say? It doesn’t exactly attract outside investment when on a whim the government can close you down, in Russia or Uzbekistan. But to move from one-man rule to rule of law is difficult, and will require initiative from educated Uzbeks who can demonstrate that it will make for a richer and stronger Uzbekistan. Lectures from foreigners really won’t do it, I don’t think…

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