Uzbek Journalists Visit Salt Lake City

by Laurence on 3/15/2005

Here’s an item from the Salt Lake Tribune – Utah:

The great thing about journalism is that every day is different from the one before. For instance, on Friday, eight Uzbek journalists visited The Salt Lake Tribune newsroom, along with their two interpreters. There is not a horde of people in the newsroom proficient in Uzbek.

Be that as it may, the journalists – many of whom were making their first trips to the United States – were intrigued by journalism under a system of free press. They have been free of Soviet rule only since the breakup of the Soviet Union late in the 20th century. And, freedoms are things that grow slowly in some soil. In Uzbekistan, although freedom is proclaimed the rule, most news still comes from the government through official sources. Our visitors indicated the government frowns on journalists who have opinions that differ from those of the government. At times, journalists are punished for expressing such opinions, and the fear of such punishment can cow some reporters and editors, the Uzbeks said.

No kidding.

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