The Jalalabad Kurultai

by Nathan Hamm on 3/16/2005

More details on the Jalalabad kurultai from the Foundation for Tolerance Internatonal:

Today on 15th of March in Jalal Abad has passed Kurultay (people’s assembly) where delegates from regions of Kyrgyzstan were elected. Kurultay began at 11:30am and proceeded 3 hours. The Presidium, which was consisted of 21 persons, has been elected. Azimbek Beknazarov was presided at the Kurultay (elected deputy). In presidium of Kurultay were representatives of opposition such as: Bakiev K., Otunbaeva R., Boldzhurova I., Sydykov U., Beknazarov A., Sydykova Z. and from regions.

The Kurultay s agenda included 4 issues:

  1. About social-political situation in Kyrgyzstan;
  2. Regulations on people’s power;
  3. Election of people’s power;
  4. Decision-making of Kurultay.

Representatives from all regions of Kyrgyzstan, except Issyk Kul came out. By the end of Kurultay, Mr. Jeenbekov has arrived from Talas and has addressed to delegates with the following: I used to be the closest person to Akayev, but after I nominated myself for Parliamentary elections in the same district as a sister of Mairam Akayeva (First lady), I became at that moment useless and dangerous person, a betrayer. For this one and a half month I saw so much that I could hardly maintain my nerves .

More than 10 thousands people gathered around the square. Since morning people from the regions, from 30 up to 300 persons, were joining the demonstrators. Each group came to the square with slogans and shouts resignation of Akayev , Police is with us .

In front of demonstrators, Kurmanbek Bakiev gave a speech where he signified the authorities using dirty methods during the elections.

Kurultay has made the following decisions:

  • To create Coordination Council of Union of National Unity of Kyrgyzstan on Jalal Abad region. Ex-deputy of Kogart district Mr. Jeenbekov was elected to be a Chairman of CC.
  • Mr. Usen Sydykov was elected to be a Chairman of CC of Union of National unity of Kyrgyzstan in the south.
  • Kurultay is for resignation of the current President of Kyrgyzstan
  • To create structures of CC of Union of National Unity of Kyrgyzstan at the local level.
  • To lead similar people s assemblies in all the regions of Kyrgyzstan (it is planned to conduct the other Kurultai the day after tomorrow in Talas).

At present Kurultay has ended. But people remain on the squire. Quantity of people has decreased and there are now about 1500-2000 people.

Opposition hold press conference for representatives of mass-media. Among which were: Azzatyk radio, BBC radio, Kyrgyz Ruhu newspaper, independent journalist Leyla Saralaeva, Fergana newspaper, etc.

Among participants of Kurultay were also representatives of Uzbek and Russian nationalities.

Hulegu has more on kurultais, a decision-making process that seems to be found in all Turco-Mongolian lands.

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