Kyrgyz Government Site Trashes Opposition Leaders

by Laurence on 3/22/2005

Ben Paarman pointed out this interesting attack on the Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway:

There is also a larger obstacle between the Georgian and Ukrainian idols and those in Kyrgyzstan – their political party and soviet origins.
Bakiev used to be the First Secretary of Kok-Yangak Town Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) but it is unclear what Otunbaeva was. She graduated from Moscow State University with a Science PH. D. The theme of her dissertation would not be recognized as scientific in any civilised countries: “Criticism regarding the Falsification of Marxist Leninist Dialectics by the School in Frankfurt (A. Schmidt, O. Negg)”. Otunbaeva headed the Dialectic Materialism Faculty in the Kyrgyz State University. There is no such “science” in the world now and people pay more money even for astrology.
Otunbaeva can tell Bakiev lots of things about Marxist Leninist Dialectics, as he often remembers Lenin but his colleagues in he Ukraine have completely different idols.

Of course, Akayev was also a Communist Party official…

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