A Trial Balloon?

by Laurence on 3/23/2005

Aya Telekova, writing from Bishkek, is circulating what looks like an opposition initiative for UN involvement, in the CENTRAL ASIA – CAUCASUS ANALYST:

As hard and unyielding debates between the ruling elite and the opposition establishment is pushing the country towards an unpredictable future, the scope for mediation between the two sides remains strong. Taking into account the geopolitical rivalry between the U.S., Russia and China in the region and specifically in Kyrgyzstan more than any other regional country, the most acceptable choice would be to nominate a neutral actor such as a UN representative to this task. A democratic outcome in Kyrgyzstan, which appears as an increasing possibility all the while as the risk of violence increases, would be beneficial not only for Kyrgyzstan itself. It would radically shift the geopolitical map in Central Asia and would inspire change across the region.

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