Arkady Dubnov: Civil War “Grim Possibility”

by Laurence on 3/23/2005

From Kyrgyz tie-up: the authorities and the opposition are not ready for a dialogue – Ferghana.Ru:

The regime is not prepared to introduce a state of emergency in the country. Should it, however, decide to send law enforcement agencies against the crowds the way it did in Dzhalalabad and Osh, civil war in Kyrgyzstan will certainly become a grim possibility and the country’s deterioration into a domestic conflict will become irreversible. That will make interference from abroad an inevitability. This is what numerous foreign journalists currently in southern Kyrgyzstan and foreign diplomats in Bishkek discuss. The latter refer to the promises on the possibility of involvement of Russian servicemen quartered in Kyrgyzstan Akayev allegedly elicited from Moscow. Diplomats ascribe the drastic change of the president’s tone to these promises precisely.

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