Interview with Edil Baisaloff

by Andy on 3/24/2005

The BBC has an interview with Edil Baisaloff, head of the NGO Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society in Kyrgyzstan, who in in Bishkek. Here are a few excerpts:

I am in the central square. People are saying ‘freedom, liberty.’ Now they are celebrating but half an hour ago it was quite tense. […]

Usually people wear orange, pink, but today for the first time, they were all wearing multi-coloured, silk scarves – rainbow colours. This is very symbolic because various political factions – each of them has their own colour – yellow, pink, red, blue, green. […]

There are at least 20,000 people altogether – about 200-300 got inside the presidential palace. They were throwing out papers and portraits.

The opposition leaders eventually asked the protesters to leave the building because the situation was not controllable.

The leaders of the opposition have entered into the talks with the remaining government officials.

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