Kyrgyz ambassador to US speaks

by Andy on 3/24/2005

I’ve just been watching Baktybek Adrissayev, Kyrgyzstan’s ambassador to the US, speak in a press conference.

The poor chap looked pretty stressed, and he was doing his very best not to offend anyone back in Kyrgyzstan, but the gist of what he has to say was that although the revolution was unconstitutional, it is important to now enter into negotiations between various groups in Kyrgyzstan. “We have to work now, in order to satisfy all the sides”, he said, before confirming that these “sides” included tribal groups and political elites. Restoring order, he added, is also a key short term priority.

Asked about the location of President Akayev, who has reportedly fled the country, he could only say “I have no idea of his location, but he is in a safe place.” He was, however, able to confirm that the President, unlike the majority of his ministers, had not resigned.

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