“God forbid anyone should have such a revolution”

by Andy on 3/25/2005

Lyndon at Scraps of Moscow has been translating and posting Russian radio reports on events in Kyrgyzstan. Here’s a gem:

10:04am, 25.03.2005

One of the leaders of the Kyrgyz opposition, Feliks Kulov, has promised to return to prison after order is restored in the country. “As an inmate, I will have to return to jail,” said Kulov in a live television broadcast.

Kulov was freed from prison yesterday by opposition activists yesterday after the government building was seized in Bishkek. Kulov is currently coordinating the activities of all military and law enforcement agencies (silovye struktury) in the country, and he was holding a meeting all night.

Now Kulov has addressed the citizens of Kyrgyzstan with a call to support the representatives of law enforcement; according to him, he was shocked at what occurred in Bishkek last night: “God forbid anyone should have such a revolution,” said Kulov.

More at Scraps of Moscow’s main page.

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