Kyrgyzstan wants Russia’s help

by Andy on 3/25/2005

ITAR-TASS has an interview with Kyrgyzstan’s new acting President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, in which he calls for a close working relationship with Russia.

Kyrgyzstan “expects Russia to help it in the current difficult situation. We would like Russia to help us settle the situation and resolve a number of acute economic problems,” acting President Kurmanbek Bakiyev said in an exclusive interview with Itar-Tass.

“Our relations with Russia have traditionally been friendly. Nobody is going to change the character of those relations, we intend only to develop them. Everybody knows that a difficult situation took shape in Kyrgyzstan these days. Russia may help with its settlement. We need Russian investments. We must develop our economy. We are willing to closely cooperate with Russia in this sphere and hope it will soon take steps in this direction,” Bakiyev said.

The acting speaker of the Parliament went on to explain why Kyrgyzstan would take a positive approach to relations with Russia:

“Historically, the Kyrgyz and Russian nations are very close to each other. I have no other feelings for Russia but respect and love, especially considering the fact that I studied in Moscow for five years. About all the Kyrgyz people have the same feelings for Russia,” Kadyrbekov stressed.

This is not really such a surprise. Russia is, and will remain, a significant power in the region and a major trading partner of Kyrgyzstan. Ensuring good relations with Russia is foreign policy priority number one for the new Kyrgyz government.

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