Widespread Looting in Bishkek

by Laurence on 3/25/2005

Ferghana.Ru reports that businesspeople are not happy with the civil unrest in the Kyrgyz capital.

Mass looting followed the “revolution of daffodils” that took place in Bishkek earlier today. Trading centers, companies dealing in computers, exchange offices, stores of household appliances, supermarkets (Beta Stores, Goin, Dordoz Plaza, Silk Way), network of Narodny stores, and offices of Areopag were raided and looted. Young men roam the city in groups, shattering windows, entering, and getting out with whatever took their fancy.

AKIpress.org website reports that an attempt to raid the Khajat Regency, the only hotel of category de luxe in town, was thwarted by volunteers of Kel-Kel civil resistance detachments. Volunteers posted sentries around the White House as well. In the meantime, several Bishkek jewellers were looted.

City dwellers are under the impression that the “revolution of daffodils” degenerated into banal pogroms.

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