IWPR: Factions Jockey for Power

by Laurence on 3/26/2005

IWPR, via Ferghana.Ru, reports on the power struggle in the provisional government:

There were demonstrations outside parliament on the morning of March 25, apparently by rival groups supporting different opposition leaders. Each grouping called for its respective favourite – Kulov, prime minister elect Bakiev, or Adakhan Madumarov – to be made Kyrgyz president.

IWPR has learned that supporters of these three politicians plus Kadyrbekov are now campaigning for the presidency.

Each man has a different powerbase. Bakiev heads the People’s Movement of Kyrgyzstan and the Coordination Council for People’s Unity, the latter group set up to make the regional protests coalesce into one. Like him, Madumarov is a southerner – an important distinction in Kyrgyz politics – and represents the Atajurt movement. The other two are northerners: Felix Kulov is chairman of the Arnamys party and Ishenbay Kadyrbekov, a major figure in the Naryn region, has links with the Communist Party.

Supporters of various politicians – and their opponents too – are being broadcast live on national television. The process of negotiating for position appears to be difficult, and may be holding up the much-needed emergence of a united government.

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