Russian Kyrgyz Form Militia

by Laurence on 3/26/2005

Ferghana.Ru reports the ethnic Russian population of Bishkek has taken up arms:

The capital of Kyrgyzstan is in the grips of fear. Sources in Bishkek report that Russian-speakers and representatives of other nations form armed detachments – both spontaneously and under the guidance of the new authorities. State channels of the local TV are urging the population to form volunteer units. Volunteers are expected in front of the Interior Ministry between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., today.

“There are the fears that anti-Russian actions may take place around here,” Nikolai, a Bishkek businessman, said on the phone. “Businessmen are withdrawing valuables from Bishkek. The authorities are helpless. Everybody is in mortal fear of what may happen this night. Sawn-off guns, truncheons, hunting rifles, etc. – everybody is laying his or her hands on whatever is available.”

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