ABC News: Kyrgyzstan Rival Parliaments Vie for Power

by Laurence on 3/27/2005

It’s getting interesting in Bishkek, according to ABC News:

The Central Election Commission disputed the Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate the parliament that had governed until disputed elections, said Tuygunaly Addraimov, a commission member.

Felix Kulov, a former opposition leader who was freed from jail Thursday, backed the commission’s statement and warned the members of the old parliament they should step down.

“The new parliament is legitimate and the old parliament’s term has expired,” said Kulov, who has been placed in charge of law enforcement agencies. He warned the former parliament that “if you get people out, I will take measures to arrest you.”

Kulov later apologized when Prosecutor-General Azim Beknazarov challenged him, saying: “These are the people who freed you, will you arrest them?”

“I am too tired. I apologize for that,” Kulov said.

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