Central Asian Missionaries Celebrate Easter in Seattle

by Laurence on 3/27/2005

The Seattle Times has this story about the Roth family, recently returned from Uzbekistan:

The Roths decided it really was God’s call. They sold their Sammamish Plateau house and most of their belongings and, for the next eight years, they lived in Central Asia, primarily in Uzbekistan, with their three children.
A large part of their work there, said Jim Roths, 48, was to show people that being a missionary did not mean coercing others into believing in Christ. “My faith says I can’t force someone to become a follower of Jesus Christ. I can demonstrate and share what that decision is, but I can’t force someone.”
So Roths and his family did what they’ve always done: Spread the gospel by example ￑ inviting people to their home, working with disabled children, letting people see what it means to live as a Christian.

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