Pay Attention to the Hats

by Nathan Hamm on 3/27/2005

I’ve brought up the importance of hats in Central Asia in regards to Kyrgyzstan and Sean-Paul makes a similar point at The Agonist. I have a slightly different take on what the women are wearing (I recall well-to-do or more well-dressed women wearing similar, long, non-floral head scarves in less religious areas, so I’m less inclined to read much into it). And I think the presence of both Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in the picture he has is fairly encouraging news. Though Osh is a fairly split city with a nasty history of ethnic violence, I certainly hope that things will stay calm. Perhaps the new Uzbek governor will help please Uzbeks who felt politically powerless before.

Also check out Sean-Paul’s other post on Kyrgyzstan.

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